Monday, January 30, 2017

Hello 2017


Well, the mojo is back. :) I'll distract you from how long it's been since I blogged by showing you some of the stuff I've made in the last month or two.

A sampling. Stuff for WIC, for private donations, for other places I've found. I'm actually using up balls of yarn too!! 

In other news, I'm 32 weeks pregnant! Squish is doing well, as am I. We have a checkup on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get a bump picture that day too in the pretty mirror in the waiting room of the birth center. I wanted to at my last appointment but my phone was DED.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Brain Weasels Suck

If you are familiar with brain weasels, you know how much they suck. If you aren't, you're lucky. For those of you who haven't heard the term, it's those voices in you head, usually caused by anxiety or depression, or perhaps some unpleasant childhood programming of internal dialogue.

The brain weasels have been out in full force here, breeding like bunnies. I've fought them before and I know what they look like, though I haven't had quite so many before. I finally called Teri and enlisted help in banishing them. I got some lovely brain weasel silencers. There are still a few rattling the bars of their cage, but they're not sexin' it up anymore with gay abandon.

In the midst of the brain weasel orgy, the knitting has fallen by the wayside. Basically everything has. I see what I should be doing, but to actually do most of it... wasn't happening. I washed dishes, and I fed the kids and Jerek. Sometimes I fed me. The rest of the time, well.

Now it's the beginning of digging out. I feel like one guy with a shovel facing one of those epic snows that you find those old black and white photos of.

I'm behind on laundry, phone calls, vacuuming..... if one can be behind on it, I probably am. But I'm working on it. It's hard, because seeing what I need to accomplish is also fodder for brain weasels. "Why didn't you do it before? Why did you give in to us? You'll never get it all done." I'm trying to shut them up. 

Why am I blogging about this, you might wonder. This is why:

It's time to stop being afraid of it. Nobody stays hush hush about other things that affect this many people. It's there, and it's possible to fight it. I'm fighting. If you're here too, you can fight it too. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Welcome September!

Summer is ending. :) Tiri turned 5, and she started going to school all day, and riding the bus!

Here she is after she got home on her first day. It was pouring when I took her to the bus stop that morning, so not a lot of Kodak moments at that point. It was drizzly when she got home, but warmer.

December is coming, so I'm working on the baby hats for the donation in Freddy's memory. I'm wavering between donating 3 times 36, or 4 times 36. For sure, I'm taking a set to Sacred Heart, Luther Midelfort, and the hospital in Rice Lake. I'm also tempted to take a set to the hospital in Black River Falls. I haven't been back to that hospital since Jerek and I left there with an empty car seat after he handed our baby boy to a stranger to take him for his autopsy.

Here are some of the hats I've made for December:

Today I bought three plastic shoe box type storage containers, one for each for-sure hospital, and am starting to sort them. It's helpful to see what I need for where. I need to make a lot more boy hats!!!! So I've cast on one of those today.

There are a few other things going on around here, which I will blog about soon. :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I don't really have much to say, so here are some pictures from the last few months.

A donation to the hospital in Hudson, WI.

And this is one of the card I bought. Originally it was going to be for the big Freddy Project Memorial Donation but I got 500 so am putting them on hats that are going to hospitals I don't typically donate.

A preemie top.

I've been playing around with more of Marianna's Lazy Daisy Days patterns too, mostly hats (though the preemie top above is one of her patterns as well.)

Oh, and here are the last two donations I took to Sacred Heart.

That's about it for now. :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

End of April Already??



Well, I feel like my head is about to drop off, from what I assume is a stress headache, but besides that here I am again.

Carried out two more baby hat donations since last blogged:

This group went to Rice Lake on April 8th

(I love that Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn! It's what the pink/yellow/blue/white one is made with, and the white/yellow/blues one is crocheted with.)

And these went to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire on April 19th

The hats in back are all made from the same yarn, a skein of Mary Maxim Starlette I was set on working up. (I did, and most of the hats are either donated or boxed to be sent once there's postage scratch.) The two matching striped ones in front are I Love This Yarn Stripes in colorway Agean. The pink/purple/grey striped one is a Deborah Norville yarn, can't remember the name.

Anyway, I am now an actual volunteer at Sacred Heart for hat knitting, etc. I'd like to sew some rice socks too but not sure when I'll get to that. Fritzy makes knitting and crocheting hard right now, and that's portable! Can't imagine what sewing would be like.

Currently making more baby hats. Not at such a high production rate anymore, mostly because of kids, and Jerek is not home most of the time so I have to do everything else here too. Here are some of the latest hats:

This is actually a pattern written for an N hook and worsted weight yarn held double, but I used an H hook and Dk weight, and worked the numbers for the teen size. Worked out to roughly newborn. It's pretty stretchy too.

More Ice Cream yarn! This one is called "Spumoni". It looks nice, but that orange and green next to each other gives me a 1970s vibe whenever I look at it. I've knitted one with this yarn too and I was surprised at how nice it actually looks. Haven't take any pictures of that one yet.

In other news, spring seems to be getting a good foothold here. Daffodils are blooming! Wheeeee!!! :D Around town there are various flowering trees and shrubs as well. We have a lilac bush that is very busy growing leaves and buds. Not sure when it will bloom, but I'm enjoying the anticipation.

I recently listened to a wonderful book, "The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder". It's a book, and I had the book on CD to listen to in the car. I really recommend it. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What has been going on lately...

Hello all! :) 

Life is trucking along around here.. First, Jerek got a different job (again). He's driving again. So far, so good. 

Second, I found another place to donate! The hospital in Rice Lake, WI. :) I took them this package of lovelies:

I should take them some more on Friday as Jerek plans to take us over there again. We shall see. My knitting efforts are quite all over the place right now. 

The small humans continue to grow at an alarming rate. Tiri went on her first field trip a week or so ago. It was just t the library, but still, it meant she got to ride on the school bus. She's been quite obsessed with riding the bus for about the last 2 years.

Fritz can walk farther and farther unassisted. He'll be 1 next month. ::sob::

Last weekend we went to Govin's Berry Farm to see the baby animals (they have an open house type event for several weekends each spring for this purpose. Tiri held a lamb and went on a pony ride. Fritz just watched everything.

I'm also reading a lovely book, The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder. If you know anything about me, you know that to me this is a treasure trove. I've been enjoying it immensely! Although, the first time I read her use a swear word I think my eyebrows went up so high they were floating above my head. 


Friday, February 5, 2016

Maybe if I tried my toes....

I am freaking losing my mind over here.

I have a massive care of startitis, coupled with a complete lack of inspiration on WHAT, exactly, I actually want to knit. This is not a good combo.

I've been traipsing around Ravelry and there are so many groups that need things. So many people are hurting in some way or another. I could start any number of things and be able to find a place for it. The problem is I don't know who or what I want to do.

I have an package ready to mail to Matthew's Gift, so that's off the table for just now. I needed a break from thinking about the lost babies. I know how those mothers feel. I've been there. I feel guilty that I need to step back, but I do.

I've been reading about Pine Ridge Reservation again. Do a bit of research, it's awful there. There are three groups on Ravelry that serve PRR: Bundles of Joy, which is a lot of baby knitting with occasional other goals thrown in. For the Children of Pine Ridge, which serves several organizations on PRR. And Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge, which is just what it sounds like. Pam Little Sparrow accepts afghan squares, preferably 6" or 12", and sews them into blankets for the Rez.

Then I found the group Hats and More for War-Torn Syria. Now, I've heard the talk about the refugees but I hadn't poked around that group much until last night. Y'all, they have photos of kids in the snow in sandals, with no coats. It's the ever loving lulu of poverty and destitution.

Half of me is paralyzed in horror, the other half screams KNIT.

I cast on a Pebble Vest today.

The yarn is a handspun, handpainted wool that has been in the stash for years. It's called "Dragon's Breath", according to the card that was on the hank. I wound it into a ball last night and cast on today. It's a nice yarn, not buttery soft but you can feel how warm it is and I plan to get a long-sleeved onesie and put it with the vest as a set. It will keep a baby warm.

But it's going to blasted ***SLOW***! I'm not knitting as fast as usual because the cable on this needle isn't as pliable as I'm used to, for one thing, and for another... I just don't know. I feel like I'm slogging through molasses.

I leaped into the stash again and found a ball of lavender wool. It wants to be something but cannot decide what. But if it does decide, then I will be knitting/crocheting that thing instead of the vest. *sigh*

Maybe I should try knitting with my toes.