Saturday, January 24, 2015



Yesterday was a pretty good day! :) Look what I did:

Yes, I actually, finally got a new haircut. It's sort of like one I found on pinterest, but with deeper layers because I liked that look. I almost wish it were shorter, but it looks cute. :)

Also, we did the follow-up ultrasound and he was a good boy. We even got three cute pictures to take home.

Appointment with OB on Thursday was awesome! He just deadpanned "Having another VBAC is totally reasonable, no reason why you shouldn't try it again." And he said I wouldn't have to have staples if I have to have surgery again.

He seemed not too impressed with how Tiri's birth was handled and how I was too knocked out to meet her for so long. He said I will be awake to meet my baby if I have a section.

I think I'm in love.

And, first time ever, I had Jerek take a bump picture yesterday. Not going to share here, but I am happy we did it. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Plan for a Cesarean Birth

I don't know yet how this baby is going to come into this world. I don't know if I will labor and push him out like I did his big brother, or if I will be spread-eagle on a table while a doctor cuts into my body and removes him like his big sister was born. Either way, I hope I can bring him home, and I also hope the birth is as close to perfect as circumstances allow.

Wait, perfect? Yes, perfect. My perfect birth would be a combination of the two births above. I would prefer to push him out, scoop him up and hold him, listen to his first cry. I pushed Freddy out, I scooped him out of the water, but he did not cry. It has been over a year and the sound of a newborn cry is the hardest thing for me to hear, because I'm still waiting for the one that never came, and as much as I want to respond the cries I have heard, they aren't for me to answer.

I heard Tiri cry, but I didn't meet her for almost a half a day after she was born. I saw her, but only flashes, glimpses, before I succumbed to the drugs and drifted off again. I don't remember her first nursing sessions (it was her third when I opened my eyes to see my husband holding her to my breast. I remember thinking good, she's eating, because falling asleep again.)

They say the third time is the charm.

I don't know how I will give birth, but I know how I *want* to give birth, and I need to plan for the variable. What follows will be a rough outline of my desires if this baby is born by cesarean section.

I've been reading about "gentle cesarean". Today I read a wonderful post on Birth Without Fear: Compassionate Elective Cesarean Birth. It brought tears to my eyes. She knew she was having a section, and she knew what she wanted from her birth. She met her baby right away, she nursed him as soon as he wanted to, they didn't cut his cord immediately.

For my birth, if it comes to surgery, I want the same thing.

I want to meet him right away. 

I want to hold him, nurse him on the table if he is so inclined. 

I want delayed cord clamping (don't tell me it's impossible, I know it isn't!) 

No eye drops, but he can have the vitamin K shot. 

No bath until I am well enough to be a part of it. (Another thing I missed with Tiri. They took her out and bathed her. Jerek was there, but I was left behind.) 

No formula. I'm a Guernsey cow when it comes to milk production and content. I can feed my baby juuuuuust fine. 

Skin to skin with mommy and daddy as much as possible. 

Rooming-in, do not take my baby without my permission, and wherever baby goes, either I or his dad goes. 

NO circumcision. 

This is rough, but I wanted to get it all spelled out now while I was thinking of it. I will be discussing this with both the doctor I have an appointment with tomorrow, and with my midwife.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Quiet Couple of Days

Not too much going on right now. Knitting and crocheting, of course. Working on some Bundles of Love things like these:

Plus a washcloth and a pair of mitts I haven't gotten on Ravelry yet, and a few other things that aren't done.

I took Tiri to a family fun event in Eau Claire on Saturday. She got a balloon, petted some animals, we watched a dog agility show, and had a pretty good time. Then we went to Walmart and I think after that we came home. Since then we haven't been out to do much noteworthy. I'm thinking of taking her to my aunt's house today but she's still snoozing. Let sleeping Tiris lay, I say!

I have two appointments this week for Fritz. On Thursday at 3pm, I meet a Dr. LaRusso, at the request of my midwife. It seems she wants a real OB to say that I can or cannot VBAC. Ooooo-kay then. If he tries to touch my lady bits I'm giving him a bloody nose.

Then, on Friday, is an appointment that I'm actually looking forward to: another ultrasound!!! Fritz did not cooperate very well with our first one, so they couldn't see his heart, diaphragm or face properly. The face isn't something they're really worried about, but I want to see it! The heart and diaphragm, well, those aren't *so* important in the scheme I guess, but she said that if I didn't mind she'd go ahead and get us another ultrasound and I was all like YES! (Of course mostly in hopes that he'll give us a cute face picture this time! ;-)) Besides, if they look and say all is good, there is one more thing to not worry about, and I do enough worrying already.

Fritz is already messing with me. He was *super* quiet for a day... I was getting all freaked out and starting to resign myself to the worst, and then he had a dance party. Not even born and he's already trying to give me heart attacks.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

13 + 1

Tiri and I went to the Bundles of Love meeting in Winona yesterday. :) It was fun! There were several lovely ladies working there and it was such fun to just sit and knit with them. Tiri enjoyed herself too. 

I took 13 items altogether:

And while I was there, I made a simple little red knitted hat. 

Annette, the leader, asked me to make some mitts and booties, or perhaps sweaters, since the get a lot of hats. I might be the Queen of Baby Hats, but I can adapt. :) I've made a pair of mitts so far!

I love this yarn!!!! It's Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. It's deliciously soft and squishy. 

I'm pattern searching booties right now. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Bundles of Love

Did the WIC drop off on Tuesday and the ladies were very happy. :)

Now to focus attention to a Bundles of Love donation. I've been meaning to donate to them again but have not done so. Here is what I have finished so far:

I have another hat on the needles, and am thinking of casting on an Easy Cuff-to-Cuff Infant Sweater. I've made this pattern before and it comes out very cute. Simple to make too. We have been having dangerously cold temperatures and that is sort of inspiring when it comes to knitting, especially when it comes to tiny humans not having adequate protection. :(

The Winona Day Meeting is supposed to be on January 16th this month (it is the third Friday of the month). If you are in the area, stop by the check it out! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Recent Donations

I've made a few donations yesterday, the latest one yesterday! :)

These hats went to St. Elizabeth's Medical Center in Wabasha, MN on December 8th 2014. Donated in memory of Freddy.

These items went to Wabasha County WIC on December 9th, 2014. I made the small hats in the zip bags, and a lovely lady from Ravelry sent the rest of the things. Donated in memory of Freddy.

Donated to Luther Midelfort Hospital, part of Mayo Clinic Healthy System, in Eau Claire, WI on December 19th, 2014. Donated in memory of Freddy.

And last but not least....

6 hats went to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI yesterday, January 3, 2015.

If all goes well, I'll be taking a group of items to Buffalo/Pepin County WIC this coming Tuesday. :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So Many Hats!

I've been working on baby hats to donate the last couple of days. 8 done so far, and some of them are pretty darn cute!

I'm particularly proud of the football one and the pink, black, and white star one. :) I love appliques, but I tend to only crochet those, so when I'm on a knitting kick they get pushed to the side.

Not sure yet where these will go, either WIC or a hospital. I'm sure wherever they go, the babies who get them will look absolutely and utterly adorable. :)

All but one of these is done in worsted weight yarn (bottom left-hand hat in the group shot was made with Sidar Crofter DK weight) and a size G crochet hook.

What hats will tomorrow bring? It seems to have remembered that it's the end of December in Wisconsin, and the low last night was -9 degrees. I saw a post on Facebook today that talked about wind chill advisories. What does that have to do with hat making? Oh, that means it is my season. :) MAKE ALL THE HATS! :-D