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I'm working on things for Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire again. :)

I went on a bereavement item kick for a bit around Freddy's birthday, and have been doing baby hats for at least the last week and a half. My favorite were the ones I knitted this little heart design into.

Heart pattern can be found here: Lacy Heart Design It's not an actual hat pattern, I just worked it into the plain stockinette part of the hat (knit in the round, so remember to knit the purls if you try it!!)

I did a coral colored one that I promptly misplaced (😕😕😕😒), then this white one, and then a multicolored one.

I've also done some plain stockinette. I tried a new decrease on one that made an X on top instead of a slanting swirl that I really liked.

And the burial things. I won't post them all, here here are a few:

And the hat with the X decrease.

I suppose that has to be all for now, Squish is crying in baby jail. It's supper time I think. She's a growing girl! 2 teeth with…
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Cozy Textured Baby Hat Pattern

Hi All! Today I thought I would share the pattern for this hat that I whipped up yesterday.

It is 3-6 month size, or perhaps a bit more. I made it for Hats and More for War-Torn Syria, so I used animal fibers, 2 strands of fingering weight held together. It was approximately a lighter worsted (such as Caron Simply Soft).

Here goes.

Lighter worsted yarn, or 2 strands of fingering weight held together
Size 4 needles

Cast on 52. K2p2 across.

K2p2 for 1 1/2". End on a wrong side row.


Row 1. Switch to stockinette, knit across, increasing 2 stitches evenly to make a multiple  of 6.

Row 2. Purl.

Row 3. Knit.

Row 4. Knit 3, purl 3, continue across.

Row 5. Knit.

Row 6. Knit 3, purl 3, continue across.

Row 7. Knit.

Row 8. Knit 3, purl 3, continue across.

Row 9. Knit.

Row 10. Purl.

Row 11. Knit.

Repeat rows 4 through 11, twice more.

Row 28. Purl.

Row 29. Knit.

Row 30. Purl.

Row 31. Knit 4, k2tog. Continue across.

Row 32. Purl

Row 33. Knit 3, k2tog. Continue across 

Row 34. Purl.

Row 3…

Holding Patterns

Hey everyone!

Nothing new and exciting around here. I'm still knitting and crocheting. I dropped off 14 items I made, plus a box someone on Ravelry sent me to Helping Hands on Thursday.

I started a baby blanket on Friday.

I spent a good share of today tidying. I still have a load of laundry in the dryer waiting to be put away and one in the washer waiting to be dried. A man works from dawn to dusk, but a woman's work is never done.

Hundred Hats for Helping Challenge Donation Drive

I've posted about Helping Hands for Our Children in the Chippewa Valley before, and about a week ago they posted this on their Facebook.

It loads small, I wish I could get it bigger! Basically they're already searching for donations for winter. Hats, coats, mittens, boots, snowpants.. you name it. Shauna plans her first winter gear distribution for September, with subsequent ones in October, November, and December, plus she still gets requests for gear throughout the winter. Last year she was out of hats, mittens, etc by the end of January.

This is where I come in. :)

I am holding a Hundred Hats for Helping Hands Challenge over in the Charity Knitting group I help moderate on Ravelry. I'm trying to get at least a hundred warm hats for Helping hands in sizes from baby up to adult, with special focus on school age kids.

I'm working on my third and fourth hats right now (one is knit, one is crochet, so they're going simultaneously). Here are my first two:



I'm working on some plans for my upcoming charity crafting. As you might know, I have something on the go 98% of the time, and I've found that I work best when I have a place I am actively crafting for with a fairly close goal in mind. I need the (sort of) instant gratification. :)

I've found a few more places I would like to contribute to. I thought I would share them here, because if I want to contribute obviously I think they're worthy causes and in that case, I should share them with others who might want to help too.

First off is a fairly new one. Safe Haven Foster Shoppe. They pack backpacks and diaper bags for kids going into the foster care system. They're based in the Twin Cities, with drop locations in various places including one here in Menomonie! Wooo!! I'm planning a few things for them. So far I have prepared:

1 baby blanket
1 baby dress
1 (possibly 2) baby sweaters

Plus, I am a few rows away from a baby hat, and I redownloaded the baby ball patt…


Yesterday we had a WIC appointment. Antoinette has gained a pound since she was born: her weight was 9 pounds, 8 ounces. Length measurement was slightly off, but we didn't end up redoing it. I'm 21 pounds less than I was the day before she was born!

I've been knitting on a pair of slippers for The Bridge to Hope here in town. It's the local domestic violence shelter. I called them on Monday and they expressed interest in washcloths and slippers. I'm making these slippers, Alice's Booties pattern. It's a piece of cake. Here is the first one. I have it seamed and ready, and have two more decrease rows for the second one and then the cuff.

I *think* these are women's size 6-8 (stretchy, you know) but I'm not 100% on that. There is only one cast on number/size in the pattern, but I think it should work to adjusts the size by varying the cast on number as long as I keep it a multiple of 4. I haven't decided if I will make the next pair bigger or smal…


May I introduce the newest addition? This is Antoinette. :)

This was an hour or two after she was born on March 23rd, 2017. She was 8 pounds, 8 ounces and 21.5" long. <3

She was born at 3:16 PM in the water at Footprints in Time Birth Center. It was an easy labor except the last centimeter. It was rough. I had gas and air to get from 9 to 10 centimeters.

Once Teri told me I could push, I did! One push got her to crowning, another delivered her head, and one last delivered her body. I realize now that, other than the fact that I seem to be naturally good at pushing (something to be proud of, I think!), I also delivered her that quickly because pushing is where it went wrong with Freddy. I wasn't going to give it time to happen with Squish.

Jerek was there, Teri, Becky, and Teri's newest student midwife. I think her name is Brianna. I'll double check at my postpartum checkup and correct the post if I'm wrong. Tiri and Fritz went to the birth center too and Erika …