Thursday, September 3, 2015

So far behind, I have snails honking and telling me to hurry up....

Hi! Wow. Long time, no blog.

There is so much newness that it's going to take a few blog posts to cover it all. What shall we start with... how about a Fritzy update?

He's big!

As of a couple of weeks ago at his WIC appointment, he was 14 and a half pounds and around 24" long. This kid is wearing onesies at 3.5 months that Tiri wore at 10 months!


Tiri at 10.5 months

Fritz at 3.5 months.

He smiles, laughs, rolls over, props himself up on his elbows and looks around, babbles and squeals, chews his fingers, and scoots himself along on his tummy (though he doesn't scoot to any particular destination yet.)

He's definitely a little charmer. <3

Thursday, July 2, 2015

A New Project

Hey! Life is trucking along here. Feeding the baby and taking care of Tiri and just being mommy and wife.

I found a new project to knit for. When I was in the hospital after Fritz was born, my nurse saw my knitting and commented on it. (Actually pretty much all the nurses commented on it, but this one was special.) I told her I knit mainly for charity and she says “I’d love some of your hats. I’m going to Haiti this summer and I’d love to take some with, they need everything.”

::rubs hands together in delight::

So I come home and I’m doing my nursing and knitting, and eventually I decide to call the hospital and see if I can get ahold of this nurse, her name is Chris. I left my info and eventually she called me back, and we set up a meeting.

We met on June 13th and I gave her 33 baby hats, 4 pairs of booties, and 2 pairs of baby mitts. She was impressed. ;)

We were chatting then and she says “I will take whatever you can make me.”


Since then I’ve made almost 30 more hats, a pair of booties, and 2 vests. And in posting about it on Ravelry, I’ve had several ladies from Ravelry send me hats, baby cloths, washcloths (another need) and other things to give her. It’s become a *thing*!

Chris and I meet again on Monday, July 6th. She is going to be bowled over. As Jerek said, she really didn’t realize both my skills and speed, and the community that exists on Ravelry.

This is going to be such fun! 

PS This is the organization that Chris is going in affiliation with.

Friday, May 29, 2015

So I made this...

This is Fritz. :) He was born May 11th at 1:23 pm. Labor was long and I ended up getting an epidural so I could calm down and deal. (Fear+tension+pain cycle is totally real, though my fear was about something happening to Fritz rather than labor itself.) I almost caved and asked for a cesarean, but ended up having the epidural instead.

I apparently am really good at pushing out babies. I pushed a whole ***three minutes*** to birth my 8 pound 2 ounce son. With nary a tear. Hardest part of recovery was a backache from the epidural hitting the place my chiropractor always says is out of place and making it spasm and be sore.

He's a great little guy. I've been having lots of fun taking pictures. ;)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Birth Plans

VBAC Birth Plan 

● Unmedicated as possible, with as few interventions as possible.  I don’t know what I will want for pain relief yet, but I prefer as  many natural options to be made available as possible.
● Use of water/shower for pain management.
● Unrestricted movement.
● Self­guided pushing. I’ve done this before, and pant­pushing  works best for me. I will NOT be doing the “hold my breath and  push as hard as possible” method.
● Upright or however I am comfortable for birth. NOT on my back. ● Minimal cervical checks.
● Minimal monitoring.

After Baby is born: 
● Skin to skin right away. If I can’t do it for whatever reason, put  him with his dad, he’s prepared for skin to skin as well.
● NO circumcision.
● Vitamin K is fine, but NO eye ointment. I’m disease­-free.
● If any supplementation is needed, I will express colostrum or  milk instead of using formula.
● Do not bathe, etc, till I can be there. I missed that experience  before and I do not want to miss out again.

Cesarean Birth Plan

● Family friendly as possible if not an emergency. 
● Please do not sedate me. I want to remember my child’s birth.
●Please use sutures or something else, instead of staples. I do not well with bits of metal stuck into my body for any reason. I don’t even  have pierced ears! 
●Skin to skin with me or his daddy as soon as possible, don’t “burrito”  him right away. ●Breastfeed as soon as possible. My husband knows how to hold a  baby to breastfeed if I am “out of it,” please allow him to do so if  needed. 
● Delayed cord clamping. 
● NO circumcision.
●Vitamin K is fine, but no eye ointment. I am disease­-free.
●If any supplementation is needed, I will express colostrum or milk. No formula.
●Do not bathe, etc, him before I am able to be a part of it. I missed  those things with my daughter and I want to be there this time.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

SO Many Baby Knits (and Crochets)

Sadly, none of these are for Fritzy.

The booties are this pattern: Michelle's Preemie/Newborn Hat and Booties

The ball is this pattern: Val's Original Yarnball Pattern

The others were just made up as I went. :) The top two photos could be gifts for someone I know.... The rest is for charity.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


It's a Doc McTiri! :)

She picked out this little Doc McStuffins play set yesterday with some money that my aunt Kathy gave her. She loves Doc and playing doctor.

We had a growth ultrasound on Thursday. They think he could be a little over 6 pounds already! o.O We're almost to the point of shifting focus from keeping him in to getting him out. I can't wait!

I'm 35 weeks and 4 days. (35 and 3 here.)

I didn't realize I stick out so far, but it sort of makes sense! :)

Garage sale season is starting! I can't wait to hit up a few. It's an obsession that was transmitted to me in the genes. I'm transmitting it to Tiri. ;-)