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Invincible? If Only.

Tiri has decided that the rules of gravity do not apply to her. Perhaps she feels her cuteness will work to keep her from harm, or perhaps she thinks she's made of rubber and will bounce. She is climbing everything! It was thrilling to find her sitting on the back of the couch, but with her antics today that now seems small potatoes somehow.

I found her standing in the stroller trying to reach something in one of the cup holders. She had climbed in over the tray and everything. How? HOW?? I also found her in the kitchen this morning when I had my back turned trying to get breakfast done, trying to strap herself into her booster seat highchair doohicky.

I was a climber when I was small, but I don't think I went to such heights. Tonight I've been waging a losing battle trying to keep her from climbing over the back of the recliner and this padded swiveling chair we have.

To try to calm my nerves, which really is laughable but a person has to try, I started another sleepy sac…

I Need a Nap

Hello. Happy new year. Little late, but better late than never and it's still January.

As you can tell by the post title, I'm a little pooped. I haven't felt good since bedtime Friday night, and Tiri hasn't been sleeping well either.

This hasn't kept me from knitting though. I've started some more projects, but even more importantly, I've *finished* some. :)

I made myself a pair of slippers on New Years Day, because my feet were so cold my hip hurt. (2013 came in like a lion here!) It turned out to be fortunate, because the next day I came down with a *something* that had me in bed for several days, and not good for much for a few days after that, during which I had body aches and such chills that made the body ache worse.

Here they are:

They're made with Red Heart Super Saver, one strand of variegated green that I got at Walmart last winter, and one strand of a nice color called Frosty Green that my aunt bought for me recently.

I also made a couple mor…