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A New Project

Hey! Life is trucking along here. Feeding the baby and taking care of Tiri and just being mommy and wife.
I found a new project to knit for. When I was in the hospital after Fritz was born, my nurse saw my knitting and commented on it. (Actually pretty much all the nurses commented on it, but this one was special.) I told her I knit mainly for charity and she says “I’d love some of your hats. I’m going to Haiti this summer and I’d love to take some with, they need everything.”
::rubs hands together in delight::
So I come home and I’m doing my nursing and knitting, and eventually I decide to call the hospital and see if I can get ahold of this nurse, her name is Chris. I left my info and eventually she called me back, and we set up a meeting.
We met on June 13th and I gave her 33 baby hats, 4 pairs of booties, and 2 pairs of baby mitts. She was impressed. ;)
We were chatting then and she says “I will take whatever you can make me.”
Since then I’ve made almost 3…