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Hello again

Hi! How is everyone? I'm fine, just waiting to find out if we're pregnant this month. I don't have high hopes, because Jerek is just getting worse and that is pretty reliable birth control.

Last night was the Memorial of Christ's Death. Jerek made it, though he wasn't in great shape after. I didn't drop the wine glass! :) If you would like to learn more about the meaning of the Lord's Evening Meal and why we as Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate that instead of Easter, please check out this article and related articles on

I am getting more and more surrounded by pregnant ladies! My cousin Michelle told me last weekend that she is 16 weeks pregnant! *Wham to the floor*

We don't know the baby's gender, but I can't resist baby knitting. I started this baby afghan for her.

It's even bigger now. I posted both photos because the one of it just after it was started showed the colors a bit truer (though it's still off. It's really sha…


Someone on Ravelry actually made my Nine Lines Washcloth! I am so happy. This is, to my knowledge, the first time someone has used one of my patterns. I suppose there are some who just didn't do a project page for them, but this person did and I got to see the FO and I am just really really really happy. As I think can you can tell. ;)

Jerek is feeling a little better today (it is a "good day") and so we are just hanging out at home and he did dishes for me. Dished used to be his job, but now he doesn't do it as much. I love it when he does though.

I've been putting away and sorting. I finished up a cat mat yesterday for Mats 4 Morris. I tried to upload a photo but Internet Explorer keeps going screwy when I try, so no go today. You can find the photo and project page here. I also finished a baby hat: Pink Garter Ridge Baby Hat. I also got rid of a few projects I know I won't finish, so the yarn and needles are free to become whatever they will become. (Que …

Nine Lines Washcloth

Hello again. How is everyone? It's going about the same here, Jerek's still in the same shape. I did have a nice weekend. It was the circuit assembly, which is a two day series of Bible talks that takes place every year, along with the District Convention (three days) and the Special Assembly Day (one day.) There were many upbuilding Bible-based talks, and it was good to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while.

As you can tell by the title of the post, though, the assembly isn't the main point of my writing to you this time. I made a washcloth last week. I used a stitch pattern that I learned last fall from a afghan block. It was called Plowed Rows, but I didn't think that name fit the washcloth. Instead I am calling it Nine Lines, because it has nine lines. (I know, ain't I creative? (-:)

Here is the cloth. Not a great photo, but as good as I can do right now.

And on to the pattern.

I think this would be a great pattern to learn how to slip stitches with…