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Baby Hats (Big Surprise?)

I've been slacking a bit with the knitting and crocheting. Just feeling slow, and my hands aren't as happy as they were. I think I need to have my chiro work on them again tomorrow. I can't *not* make things though, so here is what I've managed lately.

This one was made mostly during my birth class. I'm thinking of keeping it, if for no other reason than that. :)

Charity hat. I was going to take it to WIC, but we shall see. It might go to the Yarnology knitting group instead.

These are for Fritz. I called them Diaper Bag Booties and Diaper Bag Hat. They were supposed to be a set but the hat came out rather bigger than the booties. They should both fit him eventually though. They are in the diaper bag, for those times when you encounter unexpected chilliness.

Charity hat using a whole small skein I got on clearance at JoAnn's. It's very soft, but a pain to work with as most boucle yarns are.

These two use scraps that I found at this tiny thrift store in Wino…

Finished a Few Things

I broke down and bought a new hook, and I finished up Fritz's blanket! :)

It's so soft! :)

His sweater has the start of a sleeve, but I haven't gotten too much farther on it.

I did make booties for him!

I started a hat to match these booties. I'm calling these booties and hat "Diaper Bag Booties" and "Diaper Bag Hat" because that's just where they are going. I got to thinking that I should keep a hat and booties in the bag, because there are lots of variable for a warm weather baby. You have them dressed for heat, and then you go in somewhere that's chilly, like the grocery store. :) Yay knitting excuse.

Last Saturday I went to an all-day birthing class at Sacred Heart. It was sort of interesting. I did some internal head shaking about a few things, but I also liked some of the things I heard. They're pretty adamant about the breastfeeding, which makes me happy. They said they want skin to skin for at least an hour after Baby is born! Oh…

That Was Sudden

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Let me ask you, how the heck did that happen? Still, it could be another 10 weeks before Fritz is here... or it could be 8, with each passing day bringing it closer.

Having a bit of an omg flail.

I started a sweater and a blanket but have finished neither. The hook for the blanket has mysteriously vanished, and I had a cut that wouldn't let me knit for a few days. It's better today though so woo hoo. :-)

We've procured a double stroller and a fantastic new diaper bag, which is partly packed. I've gotten clothes, diapers, two bottles, some emergency formula, a set of pacis, tushie cream, bibs, and possibly some other things I can't think of right now. All that's missing, other than Fritz himself, is his car seat. The more I think about it the more I'm ready to go get it, but Jerek is putting it off. Why, I have no idea, when we're getting other things left and right.

Oh, and I need to get a breastpump, but it's hard to decide …