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Hundred Hats for Helping Challenge Donation Drive

I've posted about Helping Hands for Our Children in the Chippewa Valley before, and about a week ago they posted this on their Facebook.

It loads small, I wish I could get it bigger! Basically they're already searching for donations for winter. Hats, coats, mittens, boots, snowpants.. you name it. Shauna plans her first winter gear distribution for September, with subsequent ones in October, November, and December, plus she still gets requests for gear throughout the winter. Last year she was out of hats, mittens, etc by the end of January.

This is where I come in. :)

I am holding a Hundred Hats for Helping Hands Challenge over in the Charity Knitting group I help moderate on Ravelry. I'm trying to get at least a hundred warm hats for Helping hands in sizes from baby up to adult, with special focus on school age kids.

I'm working on my third and fourth hats right now (one is knit, one is crochet, so they're going simultaneously). Here are my first two: