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Baby Knitting and.....

I finished some more baby stuff. Two pairs of booties:

These are Cozy Blue Slippers to Match the Hat.

These are Booties for Surprising People.

I also made a few hats.

This is Cream and Lace Baby Cap. It's a 0-6 month size winter hat, probably destined to be a baby gift for Michelle.

These three are micropreemie hats for Calvin's Hats:

All the info on these is visible on my Ravelry project page. I improvised them all. The top one is cashmere, made with a small, embroidery-floss-sized sample skein of yarn. It's fingering weight. The other two are Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora. So soft and nice.

I have news. I was to the midwife's today and I am going to have another baby!

With that, stay tuned for a lot more baby knitting.

An Hours Time

They say time is money: What does an hour mean to you?

For some it means $8, or $12.

For others, it means a crocheted baby hat.

Some people will try to save an hour at any cost.

The hour Andy Tucker saved my husband may well be paying for the rest of his life.

I mentioned in brief before about the sprayer boom getting dropped on Jerek.The time it would have taken to get the flatbed was more than his supervisor thought he could spare, so he decided that it would work just as well and just as safely to try to tack the thing up on the side of the tender truck.

It fell off onto Jerek, at which time they stood there an looked at him for a minute, as though expecting him to flip it back up onto the truck all by himself. Finally they got it off him, then they made him help lift it off the ground and put it back up. Later on, in transit with it the thing fell off again, and he had to help Andy lift it clear off the ground by hand.

They knew he was in pain, he told them repeatedly. Did they ta…

Babies Babies Everywhere

So many babies and so much baby knitting!

I finished the baby afghan for Michelle. I like how it turned out, and so did Tiri!

Val's baby bump is already over half as big as she ever got with her last baby, and there are whispers of twins, all of which she is trying to silence, because she thinks four kids is enough. (And really, it is getting to the cap, at least as far as having that many plus a spare and two of them are newborn twins goes.)

I'm also making baby booties. These are to keep. They need the tie yet, but I may hold off on that till we actually have another baby so the tie is gender-appropriate versus gender neutral.

The pattern has a sweater too, as a set and I may make it as well since I have three skeins of the Plymouth Dream Baby DK I made the booties with. It's super soft and nice. Link to the Ravelry pattern page for Sweet Matinee Set: Booties.

Linky to the Ravelry page for the matching sweater.

I've also made a few other things since I blogged last: