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What I've Been Up To

I've managed to get some project photos taken in the last few days, finally! :)

I made Tiri a pair of bootie slippers this week when it was chilly. She seems to like them.

This is the same pattern as Jerek's, just scaled down with fewer rows and stitches. I also used a size "J" hook.

I am also working on washcloths. is collecting items for prizes for fall festivals. Some of the things they are collecting are basic necessities, which to me shows the level of poverty there. One of the other requests is hand-made items. I have two 3-packs of bar soap that I decided to make washcloths to go with. I may gather some other toiletry items to go with them. Here they are in order of completion:

The pattern for this one is here.

This is the second one. It calls for a size 10 1/2 needle but it was wayyyy to big. I ended up using a size 5, and then crocheting around it one round of sc and one of hdc. This is its pattern.

And last but not least is…

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.

Well look at this, two posts in as many days. Haven 't done that in a while.

Today I was out and about with my uncle and Tiri. It was a long day and not one I would like to repeat for a while. I am so tired now but I don't think Tiri is interested in going to bed yet and so neither can I.

I managed some productivity today, at least. I made another pair of slippers for charity and then I made Tiri a little pair using the same yarns as the big pair. :) They look so cute on her little feet. It was cold and rainy today and I whipped them up before we left my aunt Kathy's apartment so Tiri's feet would stay toasty.

Jerek can barely walk, if he were in any worse shape he wouldn't be getting out of bed at all. I wonder when they will decide that he's sorta in bad shape and maybe they should try to figure out why. I finally got to the pharmacy and got his other meds.

I've also been reading a pretty good book. :) It's the last of the Earth's Children series,…

I'm Baaaack!


Well, it's been a while. I've been a little busy. Jerek is still in terrible shape and the doctors seem to be sick of him. Soon I will be in jail because I am sick of the doctors and am about ready to let them have it.

Yesterday he went to Eau Claire for an injection in his SI joint, his second one. He actually got worse after the first one but that went in one ear and out the other when we told them. He's supposed to go for an evaluation for aqua therapy next Monday.

I've been knitting and crocheting away, because I would go battier than I already am if I didn't. I donated some hats to WIC last week, and this morning Lori, one of the ladies from WIC, called with lots of nice things to say about them. :) That made me happy.

Here are some of the hats:

There were a few others but these are my favorites. :)

I'm also making several sweaters (I know, I know, but it's a disease, this Startitis), still working on Jerek's socks, and I am also making some wa…