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Photo Fun

I've been tinkering with the camera on my tablet. :-)

Little Crochet Mitts

I made some sweet little crochet mitts tonight, and I said well, I might as well blog about them! :)

Actually, this is how I made them.

They are size newborn+, with a bit f wriggle room. :)


Baby weight yarn. I used Bernat Baby Sport Ombre. You don't need much.

Size F crochet hook.

Scissors and tapestry needle.


Chain 1 and chain 2 counts as first stitch in each round.

Abbreviations used:

HDC: half double crochet
DC: double crochet
CH: chain
Sl ST: slip stitch
ST: stitch
REV SC: reverse single crochet, or crab stitch


Chain 2. Join with sl st to form ring.

Round 1: Ch. 1, work 11 hdc in ring. Join. (12 st.)

Round 2: Ch. 1, hdc in same st as join. 2 hdc in each st around. Join. (24 st.)

Round 3: Ch. 1, do not work in same st as join. Hdc in each st around. Join. (24 st.)

Round 4-11: Ch. 1, work 1 hdc in each st around. Join. (24 sts.)

Round 12: Ch. 2, dc in each st around. (24 st.)

Round 13: Ch. 1, hdc around.

Round 14: Ch. 1, rev sc around.

Fasten off, weave…

Teeny Tears and a Haircut

Today I trimmed Tiri's bangs. She was not happy having her hair brushed (usually isn't) but she thought she looked pretty after I was finished. :)

Look how long it is now! And this is after giving her about an inch worth of a trim maybe a month ago.

And then this evening, I decided to do a bit of sewing.

I've known about Teeny Tears for a while, but I didn't have a sewing machine for a loooooonng time. Now that I have one, I wanted to make some diapers. I made one a while back, but they are donated in pairs. Alas, I couldn't find that first diaper. (Tiri probably took it, she was quite fascinated by it.) So, I cut out enough to make two large and two small, and I made my first two Teeny Tears Diapers sets. :-D They're so tiny, especially the small size. :'-(

Randomness (and possibly grouchiness)

So I made a plan to blog more often, which is a great thing, right? Yeah.

No idea what to write about.

This is me today:

Jerek's back is acting up again, which what's new there, but the back and forth, "yes I'm going to do this wait no I can't wait maybe it's not so bad oops spoke too soon...." Starting to wear on the crazy pregnant lady. I'm busy enough worrying about whether I actually get a baby to take home at the end of this, without worrying about everything else.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday. It sounds like I'm going to be delivering at real hospital, with my midwife there and working with me as long as everything goes okay... If the male doctor (or any man, for that matter) tries to get between my legs, I fully intend to kick, hard.

This sums up my views on that topic:

*Sigh* and this also means that I need to start the whole hospital birth plan thing. Ugh. Back to researching and planning and worrying and all. I am supposed to ha…