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That Granny's So Much Treble

I am in a friendship square swap, and I need to have my last square done and pinned out today. I wet block them, and it seems like it takes at least a day, usually two for them to dry, and since I need to have them sent by Monday at the latest... I need to be done.

Obviously I am looking for a last square that will work up fast. I need it to be 12" and I need it to be out of worsted weight yarn. It's time to improvise.

This morning I was laying in bed thinking about it while I nursed my daughter, and it occurred to me, what is faster then double crochet? Treble. It's taller, it will get up to 12" faster... and what would it look like if I substituted treble in place of double crochet in a granny square?

Let's find out.

So far so good:

 Does everyone know how to do a treble stitch? I prepared a photo tutorial:

Step 1: Wrap the yarn around your hook twice.

Step 2: Insert hook into stitch or space, depending on your project. Catch the yarn in back.

Step 3: Draw up a…

A Sweater!!!!!!!!!

For a long time, I insisted I was no sweater knitter. I liked small, quick projects. This last winter, though, I decided that maybe a baby sweater wouldn't be so bad. I have several cast on, and I finished one of them last month (It looks like this:)

Yarn and needle info and pattern link here.

Then, on Ravelry in the Charity Knitting group, there was a request posted for newborn items for a birth center in Guatemala. Here is a link to the post.

I was getting a little burnt out on making things for The Box, so I decided I wanted to make some things to contribute (they would like knit or crochet or even boughten things, link to the organizations website: This is the donation page on the site, although there are a lot of other interesting pages to read there as well, including some photo of the people [and babies!!!!!! :D])

So, I started searching around and found the cutest, most s…

A Hat.... Etc.

This last Tuesday, May 15, Jerek and I loaded up and took a little road trip to Madison, WI. There was a reason for going, he was taking the exam to get certified to be a crop sprayer. The drive was about 5 hours down there, to sit and wait for him in the waiting area while Tiri played on the floor, to have about a six hour drive back.

How did it grow by an hour? We were stuck on this side of Mauston, WI by what turned out to be a member the this country's military who can't drive. They used one of their large, tank-like Hummer things to run over one of those big wagons things that they have out to tell people to move over, etc during road work.

*Heavy sigh*

Babies don't like traffic jams. We were there for a good hour. Admittedly, though, I was glad that it was the kind of accident that it was, as it looked like there wasn't really any oppurtunity for bodily damage in this accident. I am not taking into account what happened to the soldier when his CO heard about what…

Dear Farmers

I have an open letter that I would like to share.

"Dear Farmers,
I am a stay at home mother of an 8 month old daughter. We live in an apartment in a town with no park, no library, and nowhere a woman who is hanging onto her last nerve by a stand of laceweight yarn can go to help take the edge off. My daughter recently grew two teeth at once, and is contemplating adding a few more to her collection. My husband works for a co-op, hauling seed and other things that farmers use. He works everyday of the week, taking the car with him each day.
I wait for the weekends like a drunk waits for the bartender to set him up with his first shot. I am released from captivity, if only to go to Walmart and ogle the yarns. (I am a knitter, yarn is a fascinating topic for me. Possibly you would find the equivalent in plows.) Usually on the weekends I go nowhere special, other than a little grocery shopping and maybe a skein or two of yarn 'accidently' drops into my cart. Sometimes I get to…


It's been over a monthi since I blogged, and believe me I haven't just been resting on my laurels in that time.

Tiri has teeth. I knew about one of them, the bottom front one on the left side. Last night she opens her mouth laughing, and there are two teeth in there! This explains why she tried to drive me into the witness protection program with her demeanor last week. I think she wailed more last week than she had in the entire time since she was born.

We were all sick for a good share of April, and I still am, sort of. I am on 3000mg a day of Amoxacillin for a tonsil that is making trouble. I just started the pills yesterday, and I already feel somewhat better, so hopefully it will knock it out.

Tiri is little wobble behind this week. She can get up on her knees, and she wants to crawl but she hasn't made the leap over into it yet.

Jerek started working on the 16th, and I am alternately happy and unhappy about this. I like that he is gainfully employed, but this means t…