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Busy Month

I have been a busy girl this last month. I've made 21 charity items that I actually managed to get project pages up for, plus about 10 more things that I haven't made pages on Rav for yet. Examples include:

These are Yellow and Orange Booties.

This is Orange Blossom Hat. It's meant for the Outreach to Appalachia project on

This is Plum Jam 1x1 Rib Newborn Hat. Its pattern is supposed to be featured in the Care Wear newsletter in March. Very excited about that! :)

Here is the little boy version I made:

Deep Blues 1x1 Rib Hat. Both of these were made with Red Heart with Love yarn, which is wonderful! So soft and nice to work with.

There are a lot of other things that I made too, that I am proud of. :)

On a not so happy note, though, Jerek's back is acting up again and he's been in bed most of the weekend. It started last Tuesday, although it's been bothering him mildly off and on for a while. Getting an 800 pound agricultural implement dropped …