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Endlessly Crafting

*Preens proudly* I finished TWO baby afghans! I am so proud of myself I could burst.

I know, I know, making a baby afghan isn't curing world hunger or stopping the morons in various countries from shooting at each other, but it is a pretty big deal to me, the person who doesn't make afghans... normally.

I seem to be on a blanket kick though. I started the first one, Painted Desert Baby Afghan, when Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation started an emergency supply drive for foster babies. I finished it in maybe two weeks, but only because I lost some of the yarn for a while.

Here that one is:

The, on the 19th I started a second one. That one was double stranded, an idea another FoPRR member gave me. It's called Snow and Hard Candy Baby Afghan.

I made a hat to match this one, but no photos yet and it doesn't have a Ravelry project page yet either.

I've also made a few other things:

Baby booties. Link to the pattern here. I altered them only in that I added a tie.

Pattern …

Let's Review

Jerek actually did make it back that last Saturday that I posted in the blog about it. Yay!

Tiri and I have been out with him, but I elected to stay home this week because I have laundry, etc to do. Then last night I got sick to my tummy so it was good that I was at home instead of out on the truck anyway. I am feeling better now, but my tummy is still sore.

I've used about 8 skeins of yarn since we have been out. Here are some of the things that I made:

This is a baby cocoon set that I would like to send to a lady who is collecting items for Sandy survivors in NJ/ I made it from the book I got at Walmart called Baby Cocoons. Nice little book, it has 5 cocoon and matching hat patterns.

Then we have these:

These are both special requests from Calvin's Hats, an organization that gives hats to moms who have lost babies. The bottom one is actually blue, it just looks purple.

These are also meant for NJ. The top item is a pet bed for a shelter that took in a lot of animals that cou…