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So Many Hats!

I've been working on baby hats to donate the last couple of days. 8 done so far, and some of them are pretty darn cute!

I'm particularly proud of the football one and the pink, black, and white star one. :) I love appliques, but I tend to only crochet those, so when I'm on a knitting kick they get pushed to the side.

Not sure yet where these will go, either WIC or a hospital. I'm sure wherever they go, the babies who get them will look absolutely and utterly adorable. :)

All but one of these is done in worsted weight yarn (bottom left-hand hat in the group shot was made with Sidar Crofter DK weight) and a size G crochet hook.

What hats will tomorrow bring? It seems to have remembered that it's the end of December in Wisconsin, and the low last night was -9 degrees. I saw a post on Facebook today that talked about wind chill advisories. What does that have to do with hat making? Oh, that means it is my season. :) MAKE ALL THE HATS! :-D

The First 20 Weeks

We are half done! :)

I'm 20 weeks, 4 days. We're half done. Little Boy is half-baked. (Is it me, or does that sound wrong?)

Some highlights of the first 20 weeks:

We found out that I was pregnant again before I was late, as I wanted another baby dreadfully and I am not a patient person. We got confirmation at a quick test while Tiri had her 3 year well child check. Early pregnancy has been uneventful, which is a good thing!

Heartbeat was found loud and clear at 14 weeks, 3 days by my midwife. It is the most beautiful sound. <3 At my next appointment, Little Boy was immediately found, but he doesn't seem to like being poked. He kept swimming away from the Doppler.

I knew I had felt him move for the first time on November 29th. I may have felt him before that, but I couldn't be sure. I feel him regularly now, with occasion dance parties happening. I love those!

We found out gender on December 19th. I was sure it was a girl, this pregnancy feels more like Tiri's th…

What Color Does a Rainbow Wear?

The title of this post has been a hot topic for the past 20 weeks, and finally, last Friday the question was answered. First, though, what do you think? :)

Here it is (look at the ties):

Yep! Another little boy. And now we need to think of a boy name. Oh dear.

As he is due in May, the knitting is a bit more of a challenge. It might be spring, or maybe not quite, but he will for the most part be a warm weather baby. I've never had one of those, and it makes the knitting require more thought, to say the last. I'm doing some booties (this is a boughten pattern from Ravelry that is loads of fun, and I have another pair done but for ties) and I have made him a hat too.

I'm rationalizing that even if it's warm, he can still wear a hat, right? ;-)

I bought a skein of brown variegated today that will be booties and who knows what else, and I was also eyeing up a skein of baby sock yarn that I have had for several years, bought and saved for a baby project to keep that never ca…