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Back to Sacred Heart

I'm working on things for Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire again. :)

I went on a bereavement item kick for a bit around Freddy's birthday, and have been doing baby hats for at least the last week and a half. My favorite were the ones I knitted this little heart design into.

Heart pattern can be found here: Lacy Heart Design It's not an actual hat pattern, I just worked it into the plain stockinette part of the hat (knit in the round, so remember to knit the purls if you try it!!)

I did a coral colored one that I promptly misplaced (😕😕😕😒), then this white one, and then a multicolored one.

I've also done some plain stockinette. I tried a new decrease on one that made an X on top instead of a slanting swirl that I really liked.

And the burial things. I won't post them all, here here are a few:

And the hat with the X decrease.

I suppose that has to be all for now, Squish is crying in baby jail. It's supper time I think. She's a growing girl! 2 teeth with…