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This blog is about something that is very popular anymore; knitting. It's also about being a mommy, charity, life, patterns, pets and other things I haven't even thought of yet. You will notice something, though. All of it, no matter what, always seems to come back to knitting, at least for me.

My name is Rachel. I am married (W.A. 10-26-10) and I have a daughter born 9-5-11. We have two cats, Shani and Katy, and we are making our home in an apartment at the moment.

I taught myself to knit over a span of years and even after I got the basic idea, I didn't really enjoy it. I can't tell you exactly when I started enjoying it, except it had to do with finding a pair of number eight needles and a wee patten for a Barbie doll hood. It was only in the last few years that I became passable and--dare I say??--*good* at knitting. My patience is increasing, so much so that I have something on the needles right now that I never would have considered making even two years ago. (Th…