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Rabid, Just Rabid


My friend Val is pregnant!!! YAY! She is probably the person I feel closest to at the Kingdom Hall, partly because she has kids who are closer in age to Tiri (she has 3, one 8, one 6 and one 6 months older than Tiri). Now she's going to have number 4.

I have to make her something for the baby. Now.

I'm thinking booties. Small, simple, fairly easy to go gender neutral. I want to have them done for her on Sunday.

And I so hope I am pregnant. It's possible, just the waiting game now. If I had baby rabies before, boy do I have them now! She told me tonight before the meeting at the Hall.

I have Ravelry set to all the patterns tagged "baby," "free" and "English" and then I put booties as the search criteria. Must get back to browsing.

I love new babies!

Catch Up... Again

Hello All.

We got our tax return back so we are doing pretty good for now, thankfully. We plan to go to the food pantry tomorrow, as well as apply for fuel assistance. Both these things happen in Alma, so might as well do it all at the same time.

Jerek is no better. He's been going to PT and he has his SI belt, but he's still in a lot of pain. He has an appointment with Fitzgerald on Friday, but it's supposed to majorly snow that day so we are going to reschedule.

Tiri is still climbing, but not as rabidly as at first.

I got a lovely box of yarn from a fellow charity crocheter yesterday, and today while we were in town I cast on a hat with some of it to celebrate. Here it is so far:

It is using Red Heart Shimmer. Hot pink with metalic-looking threads through it, very pretty. I hope the mom who gets this is very happy to put it on her daughter.

Giving Artfully said they are going to put the baby closet drive on For the Children of Pine Ridge on the website. This means I can…