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Sure I'm 22, but......

Yesterday at Savers I bought two Barbie dolls. Yes, Barbies. I plan to make them both wardrobes and a nice drawstring bag and make two little girls on the reservation happy with their very own Barbies.

Here they are:

That said, I am having lots of fun! I have a dress on the needles right now (when I get it done, I plan to post the pattern) and I am researching more barbie clothes patterns. I found a site with literally over one thousand patterns for Barbie. Here is the link:

I've also found quite a few other patterns. Bev's Country Cottage has a list of them, and I don't know how many other sites. The only thing I am kind of bummed out about is our printer is out of ink so I can't print any of the neat sewing ones I've seen.

However, I am thinking ahead. I've bookmarked some of the ones I liked, and I have a Plan.

Yes with a capital P. I have a Plan.

Thrift sale season is upon us, and soon there will be the 100 Mile Garage Sale. …


We should be going out in service today. The invitation compaign has been on for almost two weeks now. It's fun to go and hand out the invites to the Memorial of Christ's Death, which is the only holiday Christians are commanded to observe. This year it is March 5th, at Kingdom Halls all over the world, after sundown. There will be a talk about Jesus and what his sacrificial death means to mankind and those who choose to accept Jehovah's laws. Bring your Bible, and come listen! :)

6 Month Checkup

Tiri had her six month check-up today, she has grown so much!! She's 16 1/2 pounds now, and she's 26 inches long. She started out at 5lbs and 19 inches.

Here she is not too long after birth:

She also had shots today. I nursed her through them... up until the first needle went in, anyway. I always feel so bad, she stops and thinks about it for a second, and then she cries sooooo hard. I want to cry with her, but that wouldn't do her any good. At least at her next one in June she won't have any shots. :-)

I finished her sunhat today while we were waiting.

The pattern I found on Ravelry, it was free, which my favorite kind! Here is a pattern link:

This pattern seems extremely versitile. I eyeballed it to her size, which was very simple, and there are instructions in the pattern for altering the size too. I plan to make more, some for her and some for the folks on Pine Ridge Reservation. I made it with less th…



I am just going stir crazy tonight. I have been all day. Spring has sprung (and how) and so my normal 'knit to help keep people warm' is off-kilter, since it isn't cold. I know the cold will come back, but that's not helping me right now.

To be perfectly honest, I want to go and do something. I would like to go shopping. I don't really want to go buy stuff, I just want to go mosey around Walmart, or the mall, or something like that. Jerek, however, doesn't. He is the driver. You see the problem.

Tiri has been being a little fuss-budget too. I thought she was teething, but I haven't seen anything yet. Tomorrow she has her 6-month appointment, which means three shots. Oh please, shoot us now.

She has learned something new. She has taken to rolling all over the floor now. She is becoming opinionated about things. She loves her toys, she likes eating squash and peas, and she knows what her bottle means and responds to the sight of it by kicking and squea…

He Knits Too,,,,

I love my husband very, very much.

This morning, Jerek finished the sweater he has been working on for me since a few days after our wedding.

He used Lion Brand Homespun in a lovely pink and purple colorway. The pattern came from a Better Homes and Gardens book, and he used sizes 8 and 10 needles. Most of it was completed on metal needles, but while he was working on the back, he decided to try a circular bamboo to make it easier to hold the weight. I have made another bamboo needle convert. :-)

I wore the sweater today when we took my uncle to the doctor's office, and it was warm! It was a beautifully warm day, and I was hot part of the time with it over a tee shirt and no coat. I'm very glad to have such a warm sweater, though, because it always gets cold again.

Jerek was so proud of himself to finish it up and give it to me, and I was proud of him too. When I wear it, I know I am literally wrapped up in his love.

Mommy's Big Girl

The last few days, Tiri has been exploring the wild world of (semi)solid foods.

She started eating cereal in her bottle once in a while when she was around four months, but now she is eating with a spoon. She will be six months old tomorrow, and it is time.

She now eats her cereal with a bit of cinnamon and a miniscule amount of brown sugar. It is very popular, she lunges for the spoon like she thinks it's going to escape. I don't mind such zeal, because I figure she will be finicky soon enough.

Yesterday she tried Sweet Carrot baby food. It was not popular. The face she made said it all, and the spitting and such removed any sliver of a doubt. I'll try it again some other time, as one is supposed to when introducing new foods, but not for a while.

She also tried bananas. Those she wasn't sure about at first, but by the time I had coaxed half the jar into her mouth, she was into them. I'll be adding those to the shopping list, as with her WIC check she will be gett…

A Big Day

Today we had, as my aunt would say, "A Big Day." We went to the Twin Cities so Jerek could talk to a fellow about a job. I don't think it is going to pan out, but that's not what I am thinking about.

We went early and went to the Mall of America. (Oh the pain, the feet hurt!) I got some KIP'ing (Knitting In Public, for those new to the term) done and got a look from an old man that you'd swear I'd been walking around naked and not simply walking along knitting one and purling one on a circular needle.

I had been to the Mall once before, but I was working that time. I used to be a nanny for a woman with a toddler son and a tween daughter. We went to the Mall for the girl's 7th birthday. It was not the best day of my life, but then the 10 months spent at the job were not the best months of my life either.

Today was much better. Not what I expected, but pretty good. I had a yummy coffee and a lot of people complimented my baby, so all in all not a wasted…