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Thinking Ahead--There's a Radical Idea!

There are more people crowing about going green than ever before. But it seems that only goes as far as using recyled plastic bottles and sending our newspapers to the recycling plant instead of the landfill. While everyone wants to be so green and save power, they are buying up Nooks and Kindles and all these other devices. Oh, they argue, it saves paper!

How are they powered? By a rechargable battery (Another green option, people cry gleefully). 

Question: How do those "rechargable batteries" get recharged? Electricity!!!

True, there is wind energy nowadays, and solar, but not 15 miles from my apartment is a huge coal fired power plant, cranking two stacks worth of smoke out into the enviroment 24/7. That is a mute testiment to those rechargable batteries being less than green.

Meanwhile, books are touted as "wasteful" and "space hogs."

A book, if properly cared for, can last centuries! A public library with a fair sized stacks can keep a town in all the …