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Welcome September!

Summer is ending. :) Tiri turned 5, and she started going to school all day, and riding the bus!

Here she is after she got home on her first day. It was pouring when I took her to the bus stop that morning, so not a lot of Kodak moments at that point. It was drizzly when she got home, but warmer.

December is coming, so I'm working on the baby hats for the donation in Freddy's memory. I'm wavering between donating 3 times 36, or 4 times 36. For sure, I'm taking a set to Sacred Heart, Luther Midelfort, and the hospital in Rice Lake. I'm also tempted to take a set to the hospital in Black River Falls. I haven't been back to that hospital since Jerek and I left there with an empty car seat after he handed our baby boy to a stranger to take him for his autopsy.

Here are some of the hats I've made for December:

Today I bought three plastic shoe box type storage containers, one for each for-sure hospital, and am starting to sort them. It's helpful to see what …