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Pant, Wheeze

I think I am melting. Major hot flashes here. If this is a taste of what menopause will be like, include me out.

On the other hand, at least I am roasting for a good reason. I'm 30 1/2 weeks now, and things are starting to feel real. :-) Freddy hasn't been moving as much lately, and when he does the feelings are more stretches and thumps than the somersaults he used to do. Of course, he's about 17" long and 3 pounds now, so room is becoming more of a luxury. I wonder if he missed back when he was able to roll and play with ease.

When Tiri was a new baby, they told me to swaddle her, so I did, and she enjoyed it. But she also had jaundice so she needed laid in the sunlight. This meant she was wearing only her diaper. After she did that a few times, she didn't want swaddled anymore. She seemed to like the leg room out here.

Big baby girl stretchies!! <3 This was 21 day old Tiri.

Looking at the photo, I can't wait to have another new baby!! Look at the little …