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End of April Already??



Well, I feel like my head is about to drop off, from what I assume is a stress headache, but besides that here I am again.

Carried out two more baby hat donations since last blogged:

This group went to Rice Lake on April 8th

(I love that Lion Brand Ice Cream yarn! It's what the pink/yellow/blue/white one is made with, and the white/yellow/blues one is crocheted with.)

And these went to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire on April 19th

The hats in back are all made from the same yarn, a skein of Mary Maxim Starlette I was set on working up. (I did, and most of the hats are either donated or boxed to be sent once there's postage scratch.) The two matching striped ones in front are I Love This Yarn Stripes in colorway Agean. The pink/purple/grey striped one is a Deborah Norville yarn, can't remember the name.

Anyway, I am now an actual volunteer at Sacred Heart for hat knitting, etc. I'd like to sew some rice socks too but not sure when I'll get to that. …

What has been going on lately...

Hello all! :) 
Life is trucking along around here.. First, Jerek got a different job (again). He's driving again. So far, so good. 
Second, I found another place to donate! The hospital in Rice Lake, WI. :) I took them this package of lovelies:

I should take them some more on Friday as Jerek plans to take us over there again. We shall see. My knitting efforts are quite all over the place right now. 
The small humans continue to grow at an alarming rate. Tiri went on her first field trip a week or so ago. It was just t the library, but still, it meant she got to ride on the school bus. She's been quite obsessed with riding the bus for about the last 2 years.
Fritz can walk farther and farther unassisted. He'll be 1 next month. ::sob::
Last weekend we went to Govin's Berry Farm to see the baby animals (they have an open house type event for several weekends each spring for this purpose. Tiri held a lamb and went on a pony ride. Fritz just watched everything.

I'm also…