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I found a sweet pattern for a baby burial bunting that I got actual loss mama recommendation for. It's the Knitted Burial Bunting pattern and one of the moms in HAPL on Ravelry said she got one for her daughter. She said it was just right. I'm taking that recommendation to the bank and am making a bunch of them.

First one is meant for Rochester Methodist Hospital in Rochester, whenever I get there again.

Second and third ones are for Matthew's Gift (link goes to a previous blog post that I did about them, which contains pertinent links).

I am about to cast on my fourth one. They're rather addictive.

I'm also working on a crocheted bunting that is similar to these knitted ones. I'm making up the pattern, noting what I'm doing, and I will probably put the directions up here. There aren't too many burial item patterns, or perhaps I should say there should be more patterns. Especially patterns that are nice for boys. Lace and frills are all well and good, a…

Matthew's Gift

I discovered a new charity. Well, I knew about it, but I hadn't paid too much attention to it. Recently though, I read through it all and I now have Tiri's little froggy bank repurposed as a postage saving bank. :-)

Here is the Matthew's Gift Facebook page and the Matthew's Gift Ravelry group.

Matthew's mom is putting together memory boxes for lost babies, with gowns and hats for the babies and keepsakes for their mothers. The photos of her first donation are lovely. I would have loved to get a box this beautiful and personalizes when Freddy was born.

I've been knitting and crocheting, of course.

I'm working on a Knitted Burial Bunting. Adorable little thing! I made one that I plan to take to Rochester at some point, and now some for M'sG.

If you have the heart for it, please check out Matthew's Gift and contribute what you can. <3