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At Home

Well Jerek is back to work. This is a good thing and not a good thing.

Good thing because he is making $$$$ and we all need $$$$ to survive. He started working for Crete and that is more $$$$ than Garden Valley, though we haven't gotten the first check from Crete yet. (It's due to be direct deposited on Thursday, and then every Thursday is pay day.)

Not a good thing because he has been gone nearly a week, and will be gone quite a bit. Tiri and I can go along, but... yeah. He's supposed to be home today but I don't think it will happen, not with the loads he has to finish up today. Probably he will be here early tomorrow. His driver manager couldn't look at a map and see that we aren't in Milwaukee, we are in western WI.

In other news, I've been knitting and crocheting, but I haven't been able to take pictures lately because Jerek had the padd with him, and he also has his cell phone with him. I plan to have some quality time with one of those devices wh…

Micro Preemie Memory Beanie

I just made a micro preemie beanie, meant to be a keepsake for a stillborn baby's mother. I thought I would write the pattern, since there are people who make them and even a charity that distributes them, Calvin's Hats. The link is to their Ravelry group.

On to the pattern, then.

A few yards of DK weight yarn

Size B crocheted hook

Tapestry needle and scissors for finishing

*               *               *

Chain 2, slip stitch to beginning to form a loop.

Chain 2, dc 10 into the loop. Join. (10 st.)

Round 2: 2 dc into each stitch. Join. (20 st.)

Round 3: Chain 2, dc in same stitch as join. *1 dc in next st, 2dc in next* Repeat around. (30 st.)

Round 4: Dc around. (30 dc.)

Round 5 through 8: Repeat round 4. Finish off.

Using tapestry needle, weave in you ends carefully, taking care to not leave any hard knots on the inside of your work. Your hat may be put on the head of a baby so tiny that its skin can rib like wet tissue paper.  You want the finished product to be soft and g…