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Comfort: A Small Directory of Infant Loss Charities

It came to my attention today just how many charities there are the offer comfort items for bereaved parents. I want to donate to them all, but that's going to take some time. So I decided that, for the time being, I would write a blog post with some links to organizations and to patterns.

I've mentioned Giving Artfully many times before. This morning when I logged on, I saw that there are now 11 projects for items for bereaved parents. These is the search results leading to "for bereaved parents." Five were added in the last week.

Most of these charities focus on making hats, gowns, and other items for the babies to be dressed in and for the parents to have as keepsakes. One of the charities focuses on comfort shawls. And a few of them are looking for memory boxes.

Bev's Country Cottage has a page of bereavement gown patterns. I've made some of these. The link goes to that page.

Care Wear has many patterns for burial gowns as well, both in the newsletters and in their 2013 Pattern and Information Book. These can be downloaded for free. There are quarterly newsletters here going back to 2000. I made the crocheted layette (all but the blanket) from the Pattern Booklet, it's a very nice pattern.

Heart2Heart Gown pattern This is a gorgeous gown with hearts knitted into the skirt.

Angel's Pocket pattern is a knitting pattern for a pocket for a baby born too small and too fragile to dress.

Knit 3-5 Pound Burial Gown pattern is a knitted burial gown pattern that could be made for a boy or a girl, depending on trim. It's not just tiny babies who die, as I learned.

Burial Gown, Bonnet and Booties This knitting pattern includes gown, hat, and booties in size extra small preemie, small preemie, large preemie and full ter.

Basic Button-Up Burial Cocoon pattern This is a crochet pattern for an adorable wrap for babies born prior to 20 weeks gestation.

Soulful Comfort Shawl  A crochet pattern for a comfort shawl. The Solace Foundation puts comfort shawls into the care packages they send to loss parents.

Knit Lace Shawl A very pretty shawl.

There are more crocheted gown patterns on Bev's Country Cottage. There are also size charts.

Please consider making up some things to donate to these charities. When you lose a baby, knowing someone cares is priceless.


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